Android phones with low-range emission?

First of all, consider that this is not an ‘Infrared SAT TV Remote’ application issue. Secondly, consider that I will not write more than this to solve “platform problems” that are not “my application’s problems”

The ‘Infrared SAT TV Remote’ application simply sounds tones to the headset. Some Android devices give very low power levels to the headset, and the infrared risults in low ranges, tipically 50 cm – 1 meter.

This is not valid for all manifacturer/models/kernel mods. But the Android market is so fragmented that sometimes a problem can be experienced in some models, meanwhile all works fine with other models. Let’s say, sometimes Android is a messy, and developing software can result in a nightmare.

BTW, there are different solutions to this limitation, some of them need the smartphone to be ‘rooted’, or kernel ‘modded’. In best cases, simply a work-around can work.

For Samsung smartphones, try this:

Access the service menu on your phone my dialing *#*#197328640#*#*


[5] AUDIO -> [1] NB (VOICE CALL) -> [2] HEADSET -> [1] VOLUME -> [1] SRC Speech RX Volume -> [5] 5_lvl: xx

and change xx by pressing the menu button -> Key Input and then typing in a value between 0-100, where 100 is 100% = maximum. To save, you need to use the menu button -> Back. Press this several times till you exit the service menu.
Pressing the fixed back button won’t save your new setting.

As you can probably tell in “[1] SRC Speech RX Volume”, there are 6 different levels that you can customize.

0_lvl: xx” to something really low like 25, and the highest level “[5] 5_lvl: xx” to 100.

And yes, you can also access every other audio setting in the phone. But remember, playing around is on your own risk. You can seriously render your phone useless!

This also does not save on reboot of the phone. Even set at 100% its still not mega loud, the headphone volume of music and general speaker is much louder!

Sometimes non-rooted phones can not select deeper [5] Audio menu. For those who are in KPN or KPN based firmware, you have to root your phones and flash XXKPH and then try to go to Service Mode and then Audio will work.

On the other hand, kernel mods that support Voodoo Control application can use it to amplify the headset audio level.

If you do not succeed with this advices, last chance is to use an amplified infrared audio jack.

Rooting, modding, flashing … Android users love this stuff !!! If you don’t … well … you should have bought an Apple iPhone 😉


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